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Fun game.  My platformer skills have waned, so I didn't finish it.  Maybe it would have been easier if I was using a controller and not the keyboard.  I like the graphics and dramatic lighting effects.  Keep it up!

Couldn't get the Mac OS version to run on Big Sur 11.3.1.  I get a You do not have permission to open the application “CaveSlime” dialog when I attempt to launch.  Didn't solve it with moderate amount of googling.  

Thanks for the comment! I just updated the download popup to explain how to fix this. Alternatively, if you haven't already, you can download the official app and it will automatically work without running any commands.  


It's a good, game but there are a few things the gravity feels too high to jump, and when i tried getting past spiders when i couldn't jump over them. With work it could become a game on sites like crazygames

Thanks for the feedback. I probably should’ve made it more obvious that you weren’t supposed to be able to jump over the spiders unless you were above them before jumping. Also I hadn’t thought of publishing on a platform like that before, but I’ll definitely look into it.


Fun game!

At the same time I agree with Casual42.  The jump physics aren't good enough. It is better to add a constant force (weight) or acceleration. Now there is an "invisible wall"at the top of the trajectory.


Yeah, I really should’ve worked on the movement more. I’ve figured out how to add a “deteriorating” jump that gets weaker over time, so I’ll be sure to add that next time I make platformer. Thanks for the feedback!

In the next version, will it "get tired"? Something new)


Nice little game, everything is easily readable the transitions and animations are cool. The checkpoints are fairly placed, however the sound effect was very loud compared to the rest of the audio. The jump felt a little too restrictive horizontally and you're missing cayote time and some squash and stretch in the animations to make the character really feel fluid and easy to control. 

Yeah, I was gonna add it but I ran out of time; I guess I didn’t realize how important it was. The other points were good too; thanks for the feedback.


That's a nice start. I'm not a platformer specialist, but making the character movements more fluid could be a good direction.

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I agree, sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re controlling a slime but a basketball; the physics are a bit off.  Thanks for the feedback!