Made In 3 Days

I sort of lost motivation after a few days of development, so they're not a lot of features. I tried to make the game as polished as I could, but I didn't really have the time to add things like particles, more sounds, a built-in tutorial, a stat-upgrade screen, etc. This game was pretty fun to make though, and I feel like the game concept was pretty interesting.

If you decide to play my game, I hope you enjoy!

How To Play:

Click the money button to get money!

Click the finger button to get more money per click!

Click the wrench button to improve the other buttons!

Click the robot button to have it click for you faster and faster!

Click the lightning button to improve your auto clicks!

Click the clover button to have a chance for extra money each manual and auto click!


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Deleted 150 days ago

Nice score!

20,527,479! nice game!

Thanks! Nice score

i turned sound off and it still has sound but the music off works fine

Ah dang it, how did I miss that!? The button worked fine when  it's not a web build. I'll fix it after the jam ends. Nice catch!


Nice polish level on this one!

The "pressed" state of the lightning button shows a wrench visually. You might would like to fix that! I really liked the polish elements you've put into this game.

Good job!


Oh no, how did I miss that *face palm* I’ve gotta fix that after the jam ends. Thanks for playing!


I like the game music!  And, it was fun clicking as fast as I could for money.  I was using a trackpad.  I wonder if it would be even better on an iPad.

Thank you so much! I did add mobile support, so you could try that out if you wanted. I’m glad you enjoyed :)