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Deleted 206 days ago

Nice score!

20,527,479! nice game!

Thanks! Nice score

i turned sound off and it still has sound but the music off works fine

Ah dang it, how did I miss that!? The button worked fine when  it's not a web build. I'll fix it after the jam ends. Nice catch!


Nice polish level on this one!

The "pressed" state of the lightning button shows a wrench visually. You might would like to fix that! I really liked the polish elements you've put into this game.

Good job!


Oh no, how did I miss that *face palm* I’ve gotta fix that after the jam ends. Thanks for playing!


I like the game music!  And, it was fun clicking as fast as I could for money.  I was using a trackpad.  I wonder if it would be even better on an iPad.

Thank you so much! I did add mobile support, so you could try that out if you wanted. I’m glad you enjoyed :)